How to Lose Weight with the Help of Lime

Weight loss has always been a sensitive topic for many women. To keep the number on the scale from increasing, various methods are often used. Starting from doing various diet methods, participating in various classes in a sports studio, to choosing menus and dishes that can help you lose weight. Although not instantaneous, there are various natural drinks that are known to be effective in helping you lose weight, one of which is by utilizing lime. Yes, it turns out that this tiny, refreshing citrus fruit has benefits for those of you who want to lose weight, you know! Come on, see how!

Lime + Warm Water

So, what are the benefits of lime for those of you who want to lose weight? As you may have guessed, just like oranges and lemons, limes are also high in vitamin C. Well, the content of citric acid and vitamin C in it can help dissolve sugar and fat in the body, and is low in calories. Therefore, by consuming a glass of warm water mixed with lime juice every day can help you lose weight, help improve digestion, as well as help the detoxification process. To maximize the benefits and properties you get from this mixture of warm water and lime, you can also add fruit slices to process it into infused water, you know! Not only does it help you reach your ideal body weight, you will also get the benefits of the vitamins contained in fruits.

Lime + Ginger

As Ammy has written before, both ginger and lime have benefits that can help you lose weight. When you drink ginger, you will feel a warm or hot feeling in the body. This hot taste is beneficial for your diet because it will make you feel fuller for longer. In a study conducted by Human Nutrition at Columbia University, it was also found that ginger can help control appetite better, strengthen metabolic function, help the detoxification process, and increase the fat burning process. Shhh, some even say, by eating foods that have a hot or thermal effect, it will have the same effect as exercising, you know! Yes, even though it hasn’t been proven yet, there’s nothing wrong with adding ginger to your daily menu.

Lime + Honey

The very sour taste of lime may not be very liked by some people. Now, if you don’t really like the sour taste of lime, you can add 1 tablespoon of honey to a glass of warm water that has been given lime juice. With the combination of lime and honey, you will not only get the benefits of lime, but you will also get the benefits of honey at the same time. Of course you have often heard about the various benefits of honey, both for health and for beauty? For diet, honey itself has several benefits such as providing additional energy so you don’t get hungry easily, and improving the digestive system.

Although the recipe for losing weight with lime is very easy and limes have many health benefits, there are some risks that you need to consider when trying this way to lose weight. Among them are the risk of aching teeth, triggering acid reflux, nausea, and several other risks. So, if you have a history of stomach problems or sensitive teeth, you should first consult a specialist before trying the recipes above, yes! an easier way is to take Meticore weight loss supplements and it has been proven that many people have tried it